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Margaret opened eyes with the rising sun. Her younger lush body was next to her son in bed. This scene was regularly occurring since their relationship changed to a sexual one. As she began moving, she realized her nakedness and slowly extricated herself from the bed.

She felt no shame in this of course. With the sordid and passionate sex she and her son had engaged in the night before, she had nothing to hide. And the two did not just make love.

They all out FUCKED! His thick and juicy cock pushing into her deepest confines. Her hands trailing up his hard chest as his mouth sucked, bit and licked at her aroused nipples.

Feeling his hot and thick ocean of cum pumping into her womb.

After a quick stretch, she rose and entered the bathroom. She began rubbing the "sleep" from her eyes and looked into the mirror. The image reflected from the mirror was still a little new to her. Taking account of the image, her hair was fuller and lustrous and definitely longer than before this crazy new journey.

Her skin seemed to radiate youth with increased firmness. Her eyes were clear and bright with no hint of their former tired look before. The former "crows feet" and wrinkles which began showing up are now no longer there. Maggie (the name she preferred to use) moved to the shower stall and turned on the water stream to prepare clean off the remnants of last night's sex fest.

While waiting for the water stream to warm, she began running her hands over her rejuvenated body. Her breasts seem to defy gravity despite their size. They appeared to form a shelf on her body. She squeezed them and marvelled at their firmness and softness.

Previously, her breasts were large but lacked firmness and laid flat on her chest. Well those days seem to be in the distant past. Her hands roamed on her flat, narrow stomach and could feel her ab muscles below the firm skin.

They were not visible (like a bodybuilder) but they were there and provided great "core" strength and support to her upper body. Maggie's hands roamed her plump, firm rear. She likes the body part the best. Sure her son loves her firm, full breasts but she likes the butt. How it provides balance to her body and getting stares from both men and women.

Upon entering the shower, Maggie rinses her body under the hot water spray. Her initial goal is to rinse off the residual body fluids from her body. A smile comes to her face remembering how those body fluids got there last night. She reaches for the liquid soap and gently washed her face. As she tilted her head up to rinse off the soap, she feels a pair of large hands encircling her waist.

When able to, Maggie purred, "Julian, you are insatiable! We had sex for 4 hours last night and you are ready again!"

"Mom you bring it out in me. I loved you as a mother before and now I love you as a woman." Julian groaned as he looked into her eyes in the mirror.

"Thank you honey. I love you as my man," Margaret responded, "It's a good thing, it's Saturday so we do not have to worry about getting to school but I do want to get some things done today."

"OK Mom," Julian replied and grabbed the liquid soap began to clean his mother.

Maggie had similar thoughts and used the liquid soap to clean her son 6' 9" body. She noted how his body has been growing bigger and buffer since drinking her breast milk. His pecs developed and protruded firmly on his chest. Her hands moved lower to feel Julian's ripped abs, feeling the washboard 8-pack. She was thinking how her son has become a complete and total stud.

Maggie whined, "Honey, you have become so buff. You have filled out so well. I remember how you were so tall and thin. Well no more and you have become a stud."

"Mom, you better stop or we will not get out of this shower," Julian whined.

"OK honey," Maggie moaned.

They did finally complete the somewhat-pornographic shower. Each one grabbed a towel and began to dry the other slowly to enjoy the semi-erotic touching.

Maggie flicked her towel at Julian muscular butt. "Get ready, we are going to the mall," she said as she ran out of the bathroom.

"Mom, you will pay for that later," Julian said as he walked down the hall.

Maggie opened her closet looking for something to wear. She seemed to be a little unsure how she wanted to dress: professional, motherly or young and sexy. Did she have the clothes to look young and sexy? She loved watching Julian squirm as his huge cock filled out his shorts while he watched her in public, wanting desperately to bend her over and fuck the living shit out of her.

Maggie certainly had the body to be young and sexy. Staring into the full length mirror Maggie thought, Idefinitely have the body to put those teenage sluts to shame. Since I began drinking Julian's cum, my body has rejuvenated and looks like early 20's. Since I am walking around the mall with Julian, I need to wear something which wouldn't look out of place with an 18 yr old.

Walking into her closet, she spots a tank top with her son's school name on it and grabs it. As she was leaving the closet she spots a black pair of yoga pants.

Unfortunately, Maggie's wardrobe is stuck in the world of middle age homely teacher, but that will change today. She was planning to overhaul her clothes supply to be consistent with her new life with Julian.

Looking at the two pieces of clothing, she realized that wearing undergarments would be ruin the "look" she wanted to portray. Putting on the tank top and yoga pants, Maggie moved to the mirror and assessed her look.

The reflection proved her beliefs correct. The tank top showed her deep cleavage and her breasts were so firm, a bra was not needed to maintain their shape. Her hands gripped her breasts and lightly shook them.

The firm breasts jiggled and quickly settled back to their lifted location. The tank top showed generous midriff, which didn't happen the last time she wore it. The most likely reason is her larger firmer breasts using up material, which previously covered her stomach.

Looking at the overall look, the visible midriff definitely provided the young and sexy look desired. Turning in profile, Maggie saw the yoga pants and how they accentuated her firm full butt.

Staring at it, Maggie silently thought, 'JLo would be jealous of this ass.' Slowly turning, Maggie noticed that the yoga pants did not show any "camel toe". Putting on a pair of Nikes, she left her room.

"Julian, Let's get going I'll meet you in the kitchen" Maggie yelled down the hall.


As they left the kitchen, Maggie threw her keys to Julian. Opening the door for his mother, he gave his mother a not-so-innocent kiss. They drove to the mall. During the ride, the two new lovebirds were covertly touching each other.

In an open environment, they did not want to be overly sexual because both were known within the community. When they arrived at the mall, Maggie inserted her arm inside Julian's and walked like friendly family members into the mall. The two proceeded directly to a store, which specialized in young, fashionable clothes.

Entering the store, they proceeded to a rack of short skirts. Maggie was looking at the skirts and periodically pulled one out and asked Julian for his opinion. Sometimes, she held a skirt against her body to see its length and assess its look on her body.

Maggie pulled out skirts made of leather, denim, and lycra but each one was short and would barely cover her fuller rear. Taking the 4 or 5 skirts, they proceeded to the dressing room.

Maggie entered and began trying on the skirts. Looking into the mirror, she saw that the skirts barely covered her butt. She bent over and her private areas were exposed. Maggie called Julian for his personal opinion. Doing a little pirouette, she asked his opinion.

"Mom, if your desire was to look young and sexy, this skirt will get you there. You look like the co-eds I have in class," commented Julian. Maggie thanked him for the kind words, her pussy getting wet as she saw his cock pressing against the denim of his jeans.

She decided that 3 skirts met her approval. As they exited the dressing room, she saw a customer service person and told her she wanted these skirts but wanted to look for more items. Her name tag said Karen and Maggie thanked her and went back to shopping.

Maggie found 4 or 5 more tops, which would go well with the skirts she was planning to purchase. Like before, the two went to the dressing room area and Maggie proceeded inside.

As she tried on the tops, Karen moved over to Julian and began to flirt with him. Julian was courteous but wasn't really responding to it. Maggie overheard this sly flirting and decided that she needed to let Karen know where her place was.

"Julian, can you and Karen come in here I would like to get your opinion on this top?" Maggie asked.

The two entered and saw Maggie with a light blue cami top. It hugged her body and really accentuated her large firm breasts. Julian could only show a "surprise" face to his mother.

"Karen, What do you think of this top when paired with a short denim skirt?" Maggie asked. Karen, like Julian, was initially gobsmacked. Eventually, she said the combination would be really sexy.

Finally, Maggie had the upper hand and was ready to exploit it. She moved next to Julian and talked to Karen.

"How old do you think I am?" was the question.

"I'm not sure, maybe twenty years old?" was her reply.

"I'm 45 years old," was her comeback. She used her hands to bring Julian's face down to her lips and the two had a soul-searing kiss.

Karen was shocked to see that the younger boy did only accept but added to it, his tongue moving down her throat. Even when they broke the kiss, their lust was still just as evident.

"Don't play with me like that. You are no older than 25 years old. I'm 32 years old and your body puts mine to shame." Karen whined.

"I'll tell you my secret, but you must keep it to yourself," Maggie said. Karen kneeled in front of Julian and Maggie and mimicked praying to indicate she was interested.

Maggie whispered into Julian's ear asking if he would bestow the gift of youth to Karen. He nodded. Maggie unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. Karen's eyes widened and her mouth gasped at the sight.

Maggie said, "You need to extract fresh cum from his cock. That's the fountain of youth but it will only give you a 24 hrs of youth. After this session, you will need to find your own supply of young potent cum. The testosterone will rejuvenate your body."

Karen, not fully believing what was said, began to shake her head with disbelief. Thinking, 'what the hell!' she grabbed his steady growing cock and began sucking it like her life depended on it.

Julian's head tilted back from the sensation. Maggie placed her hand on the back of Karen's head and began to force more of his huge cock into her mouth and throat.

Loud noises like gagging, moaning, slurping and grunting could be heard. Since Julian did not drain his balls this morning, he was primed for a quick explosion.

"Get READY, I'm going to blast away!!!!!!" groaned Julian. Maggie got down on her knees and was planning to swallow any remnants missed by Karen.

With a roar like a wounded animal, Julian began blasting into Karen's mouth, who was desperately trying to swallow as fast as possible. She was able to take about 75% of his load and Maggie swooped in to swallow the rest.

Karen lay on the floor unable to move and Maggie got up and put his cock back into his pants. Julian and Maggie helped Karen up, who was feeling unsteady from the powerful feelings running through her body.

Maggie began noting the changes in Karen's body. Her sagging breast began to firm up and fill out, which eventually caused a couple buttons to pop. Her skirt began riding up her thighs because her butt was lifting and growing firm.

Eventually, Karen recovered her equilibrium and began staring at her reflection in the mirror. She began to constantly moving from full frontal to profile to rear view. She closely looked at her face and it began to glow like when she had a particularly hot sexual encounter.

"DAMN!!! I look like I'm 25 yrs old. My breasts and butt have never been this big and perfect,' squealed Karen.

"Remember, this effect will only last 24 hrs unless you get another dose from a different source. If you find a regular supply like me, the changes will become more long lasting," warned Maggie.

"Thank you Julian for your gift and Maggie thank you for the advice", Karen said.

Karen was so grateful for our intervention; she gave her the clothes for free. The information was worth much more than the clothes. Maggie put on the denim skirt and light blue cami top and the two left the store. As they left, Karen was already thinking about potential sources of fresh young cum.

My nephew is 18-years-old and was really hunky, she thought. Maybe I can use him as a source of quality cum.


Julian and Maggie proceeded to a popular shoe store. Maggie bought herself a dressy pair of black stiletto heels, a pair of chunky sandals and a pair of open toed shoes with a slightly lesser heel. As she tried on shoes, a few of the female workers tried to flirt with Julian but he ignored all attempts. Of course these women could not hold a candle to his mother Maggie.

After buying shoes, the two went to hot boutique and bought a few dresses. One was a classic little black dress. The second was a casual short sleeve tunic dress and the last one was a floral print skater dress.

The loving couple walked into the popular sexy undies store. Maggie immediately focus on the panties section and began browsing the different colours and styles. As she browsed, a pretty young woman about Julian's age asked if she could help Maggie. Her nametag had Angela printed on it.

"I like these garments. Can you get the matching bras for them?" questioned Maggie.

Angela scanned Maggie's body and thought, Oh my god this woman has the biggest, firmest breasts I've ever seen.

"What is your size ma'am?" Angela questioned.

"I'm not sure anymore. I recently had a growth spurt and the exact size is unknown. Can you measure me to get the correct size?" Maggie asked.

"Absolutely, Miss, all female store employees are taught the proper technique." Angela replied. "Let's take your panty selections with us. Wouldn't want someone else taking them. My name is Angela.", she continued.

Maggie introduced herself as well as well as her son.

The trio proceeded to the dressing room area but Julian stayed outside and the women went inside. Maggie took off her recently purchased top, exposing her bare breasts.

This display of self-confidence surprised Angela but tried to remain professional. Angela took several measurements and request Maggie to perform different movements to achieve the best size. Angela reported that Maggie's new size is 30K.

"How does that compare to your previous size?" Angela inquired. "I used to wear a 32J bra" responded Maggie. "Maggie, can I be honest with you? Your breasts are incredible! They are so full and firm and seem to defy gravity," said Angela. "Thank you Angela! That is sweet thing to say, gushed Maggie.

"Can you get the matching bras in the correct size for these panties?" Maggie questioned. Angela scanned the choices and left the dressing room. Maggie took off her skirt and tried on the black lacy thong. After checking the fit and how it looks on her body, she grabbed Julian and pulled him inside the dressing room.

"Baby, what do you think of this pair of panties?" she questioned. "Mom, looking at you modelling these skimpy clothes is getting me aroused," responded Julian.

"Oh baby, is Momma exciting her stud of a son," Maggie purred.

Maggie gave her son a passionate kiss then used her hands to get Julian on his knees. She then pulled him into her treasured spot, he began inhaling her feminine scent. Using her grip on his hair, she pulled him away and pulled down the black panties. Julian helped her disrobe and she pulled his head back in. He took the hint and began munching on his mother's muff. Maggie began to moaning and leaned against the wall. She was losing herself in the sensations. Angela came into the dressing room unannounced (unaware of the recent turn of events) and was shocked at the scene. She could only stare due to the shock and being turned on by the pornographic scene. Maggie opened her eyes and saw the shocked young lady. Making eye contact, she motioned Angela to place the bras on a nearby place and to approach the mother and son. When she got close enough, Maggie grabbed her neck and pulled her head into her chest. Angela, who was already turned on by Julian's oral pleasure of Maggie, began to suckle on the huge full breasts. Suddenly, milk began flowing into Angela's mouth. The sweet fluid seemed to increase her libido and she redoubled her efforts. Between Julian's talented tongue and Angela's ministrations, Maggie orgasmed but it was muffled due to her fist jammed in her mouth. Once complete, Maggie completed her shopping and was going to pay for the new sexy undergarments but Angela wasn't having it. She comped the bill because of the erotic experience.

Maggie and Julian took her shopping bags back to the car and began driving home. Maggie could see that Julian was contemplating something.

"Baby, you seem deep in thought. What's on your mind?" Maggie questioned.

"Mom, I was thinking about money, your job and possible alternatives. I recently saw a news article on the VICE channel about the money in webcamming. These teen girls were clearing $13K/month EACH. That's over $150K per year EACH. What's crazy is the girls don't show their face on the cam sessions. They deliberately cut off the face and only show their bodies. Mom, your rejuvenated body puts those girls to shame and I think you should exceed their take home pay. You might be able to stop teaching, work fewer hours and earn more money. What do you think Mom?" Julian directed.

"Wow son that is an interesting proposition. I will seriously considerate it but I won't do it unless you do it as well. I believe women of all ages will want to see my stud of a son," Maggie responded.

"Well Mom, the article only highlighted the two young women. Nothing was said about men and webcamming. If you feel more comfortable me doing it with you or in conjunction with you, I'll do it. When I began considering this plan, I researched and found the service the girls used to monetize their activity. I contacted them and we could get setup in a couple of days." Julian directed.

"Let's do it son," Mom responded.

Maggie and Julian arrived at home and they ran into the house like a couple of giddy teenagers. Maggie teased Julian by not allowing him to catch her. She scurried into the bedroom, Julian followed and tackled her on their bed. They took each other's clothes off.

Julian was careful since the clothes were only a few hours old. The duo's lovemaking was like a dance. Each one's movements seem choreographed as they knew each other's thoughts. Julian positioned himself between Maggie's legs and slid his engorged cock into his mother's steaming pussy. Maggie moaned a sexy purr acknowledging her desires & thoughts of the current action.

"Fuck me son. Take control of my body, use it for your pleasure, which will give me pleasure! You are already resizing my pussy and only your massive cock will satisfy me." Mom screamed.

"Mom your pussy is like a velvet glove. I can't get enough of it. Your body has become insanely hot. I'm going to make you scream out my name so many times you will only want me forever." Julian said huskily.

This scene continued for several hours. Julian would suckle milk from his mother's breasts and it seemed to rejuvenate him allowing him to continue assaulting Maggie's pussy without mercy.

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