"So when you all usually get on the webcam?" Cassandra asked, interrupting the moment.

"Are you champing at the bit already Cass?" Casey laughed.

"Damn straight," Cassandra replied.

"So what do you do on the webcam that makes you girls so keen?" Greg asked. "It doesn't seem to be just about the money and I'm not sure I get the attraction. Sure I've seen the Lush in action but it's just a vibrator right?"

"The Lush is so much more than just a vibrator," Casey responded. "You've seen how it vibrates in response to certain sounds right? And you know that means people watching me on the cam from anywhere in the world can give me pleasure by making one of those sounds happen on my computer. That means they control it and I receive pleasure without knowing when it's coming. Both parties are engaged so it takes it beyond just a show. Maybe it's one thing to see it but another to be on the giving or receiving end? Maybe if I give you the controls? Wait here a sec'."

Casey went to her room and came back carrying her laptop with the Lush's pink antenna visible between her legs.

"Here, click this," she instructed Greg.